JDIcon ® Ultra.S

Smaller and strongerJDIcon Ultra.S is a two-piece 2.75 mm implant with internal conical connection.It is the smallest implant with internal connection ever manufactured.Despite its small diameter JDIcon Ultra.S provides a high implant strength due to its innovative fixture design and its tight conical connection. The results of fatigue strength tests conducted on JDIcon Ultra.S implant indicate that it is even stronger than implants with larger diameter. (see table below)JDIcon Ultra.S is ideal for areas with limited spaces, such as missing lateral incisors. In case of narrow ridge dimensions, a simplified surgical protocol in combination with the conservative dimensions of this dental implant facilitate the resolution of dental implant cases which would have otherwise required the use of bone augmentation and higher treatment costs.JDICON_ULTRA.S_PRODUCT_CATALOGUE.pdfJD_SLA_SURFACE.pdf

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