Retreatment Tools

Implant and screw removal toolsJD Implant removal toolThe implant removal tool EVIRT can be used to remove implants with internal connection and external connection.The tool may be used if the implant connection has been damaged and the ordinary implant driver cannot be used to remove the implant.The implant removal tool has an external hexagon that fits with the JDTorque Surgical Adaptor and the Surgical Driver. It has to be used counterclockwise.JD screw removal toolsThe screw removal kit can be used to remove a broken screw from an implant with internal hex connection.The kit may be used in case abutment screw is damaged and cannot be removed with a screw driver. It is possible to remove a broken screw from an implant if it has not been fastened with some type of cement or damaged during previous attempts to remove it.JD Internal Thread repair toolsThe tool can be used to repair the internal thread of the implant in case it is damaged.It can be used with implants with internal thread M 1.8. The device has to be mounted in the manual prosthetic adaptor and has to be used manually clockwise. Use it gently and do not use it with the handpiece.JD_IMPLANT_RETREATMENT_TOOLS.pdf

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