JDWeld ®

The JD Weld: in unity there is strengthFacilitating fast and stable chairside solutions.The JDWeld provides a stable, passively fitting framework for temporary or durable prostheses for immediate restorations – suitable for immediate or delayed loading.It is a fast and economical solution to deliver partial- and full-arch restorations on the same day of surgery.The JDWeld is based on resistance spot welding principle. The unit makes it possible to create a framework from a series of welds which join abutments to a connecting titanium bar. An electric current leads to fusion of the titanium material in the contact points between the titanium wire and the abutment in milliseconds.This quick and simple procedure is completely risk free for both surgeon and patient. There is absolutely no possibility of excessive heat and the procedure causes no discomfort of any sort to the patient.The advantages:Safely and predictably for immediate loading treatmentAs a consequence of reduced mobility of implants due to immediate rigid splinting a risk of implant failures during healing phases can be minimized.Meet the patients’ demand for immediate restorationsSurgical procedure and prosthetic delivery on the same day of surgery.Significant time and cost reductionStandardized protocol with specially designed components for a reduction of appointments to a minimum and the opportunity to reduce total treatment costs.Less risks of fractures on temporariesImmediate reinforcement of the temporary by a titanium framework.Improvement of the success rate of implants inserted with low primary stabilityThe rigid splinting of implants placed with low insertion torque reduces the risk of failures in delayed loading protocol.No risk of distortion during the impression taking procedureThe rigid splinting of implants minimizes the risk of impression copings mobility.JDWELD_BROCHURE.pdf

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