Make simpler the full arch implant surgery.The use of JDGuide assists in ensuring the placement of implants with correct positioning, angulation and emergence. JDGuide helps the surgeon in positioning four implants to support a cross-arch immediately loaded fixed restoration.The Guide is placed into a 2mm osteotomy that is made in the midline position of the maxilla or mandible and the titanium band is contoured to follow the arch of the opposing arch.The Guide also assists in retracting the tongue in mandibular cases. The vertical lines on the Guide are used as a reference for placing parallel anterior implants and for drilling at the correct angulation to place posterior implants, which should not be greater than 45°.Going with the drill from one corner to the other corner of the rectangle formed by two lines, an angulation of approximately 30° is obtained.JDGUIDE_BROCHURE.pdf

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